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Lecture: “Food Security and the Small Farmer”, Johns Hopkins University - 2014
Interview: “Unequal Power Dynamics in Landscape Approaches”, CGIAR, New York - 2014
Lecture: Gender and forest governance: Does women's presence make a difference? Stockholm - 2013
World Econmic Forum, social media clip - 2012
Lecture, Planet Under Pressure, London - 2012
Lecture: "Can We Make Good Food for All? “ Nobel Conference 46, Gustavus Adolphus College, USA - 2010
Interview: "Food Crisis", Leontief Award, GDAE, Tufts University - 2010
Interview: Newsweek, "Women Are Key to Conservation" - 2010
Interview: "Gender and Green Governance" a book discussion, DD National TV Channel - 2010
Interview: One on One "Sustainable Growth and Sustainable Development" Lok Sabha TV Channel - 2010