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Selected Academic Papers

Environment, Institutions and Development

Gender and Forest Conservation

Rule-making in Community Forestry Institutions

Does Women’s Proportional Strength Affect their Participation?

The Power of Numbers in Gender Dynamics

Participatory Exclusions, Community Forestry and Gender

Conceptualizing Environmental Collective Action: Why Gender Matters

Gender Inequality, Cooperation and Environmental Sustainability

Gender, Environment and Poverty Interlinks

The Gender and Environment Debate: Lessons from India

Land, Livelihoods and Property Rights

Toward Freedom from Domestic Violence: The Neglected Obvious

Marital Violence, Human Development and Women’s Property Status in India

Gender and Land Rights Revisited

Gender and Command Over Property

Agriculture, Technological Change and Rural Transforation

Food Sovereignty, Food Security and Democratic Choice

Food Security, Productivity and Gender Inequality

The Diffusion of Rural Innovations

Tractors, Tubewells and Cropping Intensity

Agricultural Mechanisation and Labour Use

Under the cooking pot

Gender: Theory and Policy

‘Bargaining’ and Legal Change: Gender Equality and Inheritance Laws in India

Bargaining and Gender Relations: Within and Beyond the Household